Hello! I'm Maxime Lebled. I'm a 3D animator for video games.

I've done work for Valve Software, Facepunch Studios, Nightdive Studios, and other clients.

You can get in touch with me by writing to contact@maximelebled.com.

This is my latest demo reel.

If Vimeo doesn't work well for you, I've got a YouTube mirror, and a downloadable file (96 MiB).

My Dota short films use the Source 2 version of the Source Filmmaker, which is a sort of hybrid between a Maya-lite, animation-focused program, and a game engine cutscene tool. I do all of the animation work myself (whether it's keyframe-based, mocap-based, or remixing existing in-game cycles then animating over them), as well as all of the lighting, editing and "post-production" work (compositing, color grading, etc.). I get assistance provided by other game artist friends, for extensive modifications to characters' models beyond my scope, new props, etc.